Why Millennials and Gen Zers Should Avoid Tapping Retirement Savings to Buy Homes
    As the housing market continues to rise, many people who want to buy a home, especially millennials and Gen Zers, are looking into different ways to pay for it. The Real Financial Progress Index by BMO Financial Group shows that a scary one-third of these potential buyers plan to take money out of their 401(k) plans to pay for the costs. Even though owning a home is very appealing, experts warn against it because it will cost you a lot in the long run. Here are some reasons why young people...
    By Sam Bilby 2024-05-26 08:37:43 0 319
    Unlocking the Secrets: How to Get an Ultra Low Mortgage
    Getting an incredibly low mortgage rate can make all the difference in your road to becoming a homeowner. Interest rates can make or break your ability to buy your dream home, so it's important to know how to get the best deal. Kevin from Insightful REI, Nick from Schiera Properties, NK Developments, and We Buy Houses In Des Moines are all real estate pros who have helped us put together this guide to help you get a good mortgage rate. Understanding the Importance of an Ultra Low Mortgage...
    By Sam Bilby 2024-05-18 07:11:14 0 234
    Unlocking Success: Tried and Tested Strategies for Boosting Apartment Occupancy Through Digital Marketing
      In an era where the digital landscape shapes consumer behavior, leveraging the power of online platforms is crucial for apartment complexes seeking to attract more tenants. Digital marketing offers an array of tools and strategies that can significantly enhance visibility, engagement, and ultimately, occupancy rates. By adopting innovative approaches tailored to the real estate industry, property managers can effectively reach their target audience and stand out in a competitive...
    By Anna Petterson 2024-03-28 12:50:04 1 505
    Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing
     In the dynamic realm of real estate, where the landscape is continuously shaped by technological advancements and evolving consumer expectations, the need for distinct and innovative marketing strategies has never been more apparent. As traditional methods of marketing often fall short in capturing the attention of discerning buyers and sellers, exploring avant-garde approaches becomes paramount. This article aims to delve deep into the intricacies of eight extraordinary real estate...
    By Anna Petterson 2024-03-28 12:27:33 0 481
    The Wealthiest Billionaire in Each U.S. State in 2021
    Mapping the Wealthiest Billionaires in Each U.S. State It is a testament to the burgeoning wealth of the U.S. that there is a billionaire in nearly every U.S. state. The country is home to around 800 billionaires among its 330 million people. This map from HowMuch.Net reveals the wealthiest billionaire in each U.S. state. The Richest of the Rich Billionaires are a constant across the United States. The only states that don’t house one of these high-net-worth individuals are:...
    By EthioVisit Support 2021-04-26 17:55:48 4 3314
    The Top 10 Billionaire Cities
    The Top 10 Billionaire Cities in 2020 In 2020, the world gained 493 new billionaires - that’s one every 17 hours. For the last seven years, New York City has been home to more billionaires than any other city in the world. However, last year marked a monumental shift in the status quo. Beijing has unseated the Big Apple, and is now home to 100 billionaires. That’s one more billionaire than the 99 living in New York City. Today’s map uses data from Forbes to...
    By EthioVisit Support 2021-04-26 17:26:37 2 2329
    The World’s 20 Most Profitable Companies
    The World’s 20 Most Profitable Companies The biggest chunk of the earnings pie is increasingly split by fewer and fewer companies. In the U.S. for example, about 50% of all profit generated by public companies goes to just 30 companies — back in 1975, it took 109 companies to accomplish the same feat: Year Number of Firms Generating 50% of Earnings Total Public Companies (U.S.) Portion (%) 1975 109 4,819 2.2% 2015 30 3,766 0.8% This...
    By EthioVisit Support 2020-02-26 20:26:38 0 1976
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