As the housing market continues to rise, many people who want to buy a home, especially millennials and Gen Zers, are looking into different ways to pay for it. The Real Financial Progress Index by BMO Financial Group shows that a scary one-third of these potential buyers plan to take money out of their 401(k) plans to pay for the costs. Even though owning a home is very appealing, experts warn against it because it will cost you a lot in the long run. Here are some reasons why young people shouldn't use their retirement savings to buy a house.


The Temptation of Tapping Retirement Savings

The dream of having a home is getting harder and harder to reach for many millennials and Gen Zers. It's hard to save for a down payment when home prices are going up, wages are staying the same, and student loan debt is high. Because of this, some people see their 401(k)s as an easy way to get money. But financial experts strongly warn against this approach.

The Long-Term Impact on Retirement Savings

When you take money out of your 401(k), it can have big effects in the future. Sacramento Home Solutions stresses how important it is to know how this will affect your retirement savings. "When you take money out of your retirement savings, you're not just taking out the amount you take out," a spokesperson says. "You're also missing out on the interest that your money would have earned over time."


For instance, taking out $10,000 at age 30 could mean missing out on the chance to double that amount by the time you retire, based on how fast the investment grows. This loss could have a big effect on your ability to pay your bills in the future.


Tax Penalties and Fees

One of the first problems with taking money out of a 401(k) is that you will have to pay taxes and fees. If you take money out of an IRA before you turn 59½, you'll usually have to pay federal and state income taxes plus a 10% early exit penalty. According to Asheville Cash Buyers, this is a problem because "many young people don't realize the financial hit they'll take upfront." These fees can cut down on the amount you can actually use to buy a house by a large amount.


Risks of a 401(k) Loan

There are risks with taking out a 401(k) loan, even though it might seem like the better choice. A 401(k) loan is like taking out a loan against your future, says Good Land Home Buyers. If you lose your job or can't pay back the loan by a certain date, it's considered a transfer and you may have to pay taxes and fees.


Also, if you use after-tax dollars to pay back a 401(k) loan, you'll be taxed twice: once when you pay back the loan and again when you take the money out in retirement. This could make your retirement savings worth a lot less.


Alternative Financing Options

Because using retirement savings has a lot of problems, it's important to look into other ways to get money. Waco First Home Buyers say to look into programs that help with the down payment, FHA loans, or even negotiating a cheaper price. These choices can give you more financial freedom without putting your future at risk.


Making a Strong Financial Plan

Teenagers and young adults in Generation Z should work on making a solid financial plan that includes saving for a house and a comfortable retirement. Sacramento Home Solutions says to make a budget that includes money for saving for a down payment. Making regular, small contributions can add up over time without putting your future at risk.


Why knowing about money is important

Improving your financial knowledge is important for making smart choices. Asheville Cash Buyers suggests that you learn about all the different parts of buying a house and saving for retirement. Think about how the decisions you make now will affect your finances in the future, and if you need to, talk to a financial adviser.


Long-term financial health should be your top priority.

It makes sense for millennials and Gen Zers to want to own a home, but they should think about how spending money from retirement will affect their finances in the long run. Taking money out of a 401(k) or taking out a loan against it can put your future financial security at risk, cost you a lot in taxes, and make compound interest less useful.


These words from Good Land Home Buyers say it all: Your retirement savings are meant to help you in your later years. Using them to buy a house now could put your finances at risk when you need them the most.


Instead, think about other ways to get the money you need and make a good financial plan that will help you become a homeowner without giving up your future. As Waco First home Buyers reminds us, patience and careful planning can help you own a house and have a safe retirement.


Millennials and Gen Zers can set themselves up for a successful future by putting long-term financial health ahead of short-term pleasure. This will help them buy homes and save for retirement.