Nitazoxanide 500 mg is utilized to treat diarrhea in grown-ups and kids more established than 1 year old enough brought about by the protozoa Cryptosporidium or Giardia. Protozoa are thought as the reason when diarrhea endures over 7 days. Nitazoxanide is in a class of prescriptions called antiprotozoal specialists.

Presentation of Nizonide 500 mg Tablet.
Nizonide 500 mg Tablets contains Nitazoxanide, which has a spot with the class of drugs known as thiazoles. Nitazoxanide is effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses, including Cryptosporidium partum and Giardia lamblia.
ቋንቋውን ይቀይሩ
Amharic - ቋንቋውን ይቀይሩ
የቅርብ ጊዜ ዝማኔዎች
ተጨማሪ ታሪኮች

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