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  • 12/05/1997
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ቋንቋውን ይቀይሩ
Amharic - ቋንቋውን ይቀይሩ
የቅርብ ጊዜ ዝማኔዎች
ተጨማሪ ታሪኮች

How to Use Phonetic Keyboard - See example below

Use combinations of english letter constants and vowels to form the amharic pronounciation. Note the use of upper case E and W to write "ሜ" and "ሟ", respectively. Press Esc to toggle writing between English and Amharic Keyboard. See the example table below to form the "መ" variations.

 euiaE oW

How to Use Amharic BHN Keyboard - See example below

When you click one of the root characters, all the variations will show up on the keyboard. You can then type the variation you want.