Take that same Shaq and call it John Smith and individuals might still use it if it was good, so do that? The reason is that they are currently relying on name recognition for the earnings and it is another bait and switch. Back in September 2019, 300 MT on the TTO decoration board will help. It doesn't. As the cards much more expensive and get much better the MT and token prizes ought to ascend in parallel. Not just a 1:1 ratio (the inflation can be a little more compared to earnings but not a lot more.) This includes the login prizes and the daily agenda. Nobody is going to be tempted to win a Domination game using 3 Heat players to 350 MT in June. They be enticed in November. Make Boards 8-10 possess a flooring of 500 MT since the smallest benefit (in those gloomy side trays) and have guaranteed 10 tokens in the yellow middle trays and randomised great prizes in both bottom green trays (packs/players/5k MT etc). If you want to know more,you can visite https://www.ez2kmt.com/