Y'are an inspiration for me to stop lurking and start teaching myself. I sadly can't purchase the inventory cause broke bitch. The pandemic, student debt and my own medical issues have hurt me financially and I am simply gonna try it after I know I am okay on food. However, in solidarty of whose who could get inventory with $GME: Hold that inventory with???? And take the bitch to the moon I am a boomer, born in 1960. I dropped half of my investments in 2000 when the dot com bubble has been shorted into oblivion. I managed to build it back up to twice the amount through hard work and sacrifice. In 2008 the actual estate debacle occurred and the market was once again shorted nearly out of existence. It is a concerted effort by the politicians, banks and hedge funds to steal government elections and money in addition to our private money. The government has produced a retirement account system for us the depends only on the stock exchange to construct our future on. I am within a few years of retirement now and if I can stick it back up their ass and get rich doing it, I am proud to join you retards and combat these assholes. I will be with you into the end, diamond palms! If you want to know more about AC, you can visit https://www.acbells.com/
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