It is 100 percent the texture, this particular hairstyle has been inserted in an update package full of Dark hairstyles and textures the match previously lacked (braids, afros, fades, etc). Do not in any way agree with this particular girl becoming doxxed, but the hairstyle IS intended to be Black hair.Even if it's meant to be that, and when there was no doxxing... What's the harm in stating"normally, it's black hair, but with this specific personality, in this player's creativity, it's distance buns"? It's play pretend it all , whatever fits in your thoughts theatre. Not like her using it that way takes away from black people getting representative hairstyles.This was the definition of items spiraling out of control, because the original point (the hairstyle ought to be called afro puffs not distance buns, as it is possible to see the texturing on the hair) was missing in the following deluge (is it cultural appropriation to put on a hair design in a video game). While I get what you are saying about AC with no governmental messaging or topics, I do not think that's exactly true -- black fans of the show have campaigned for a longlong time for skin colour and hairstyle inclusion. Even in New Leaf you literally had to stand at sunlight for in game hours to"tan" so as to be white. I really don't think that it's surprising that something like that was met with defensiveness and hostility, Nintendo as a business has just always been slow to address the lack of racial diversity in their very own games.Dope! I understand nothing about animal crossing but seems like a well designed and implemented tattoo all around. If you want to know more about AC, you can visit
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