In recent years,there's been a surge of online games that provide players seasons-long content that builds on and sometimes substitutes for what's come before. This has proved extremely popular in battle royale games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends, and a number of games have embraced this method of play. The more traditionally single-player adventure titles such as Halo have been experimenting with the concept, and Halo Infinite is looking to spend the next 10 years to one game and expand its story through post-launch content instead of a direct sequel. Diablo 4 isn't necessarily following this trend, but Blizzard's assertions that more post-launch content will be coming soon are intriguing for a start. There are many benefits regarding ongoing post-launch support in games. A steady stream of updates and substantial DLCs will keep players engaged with a game, even years after it's launched. With the addition of new PvP features being added for Diablo 4. this can be a great thing. Lots of gamers also prefer to not play a game in a isolated space. Having an active player base often leads into more activity on the web and forums for them to be involved with. In addition, more content focusing on Diablo 4 implies that the storyline and the world are continuing to expand over time as well as giving players more value as time goes on. Fergusson's use in the plural when referring the "story inspired expansions" could be crucial because, until now, Diablo games have not received an expansion story pack. These narrative-focused DLCs usually contained important plot elements such as the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls storyline, which covered Tyrael's attempts to restore the Black Soulstone and the previous Archangel Malthael of Wisdom's journey across the realms. As for another expansion, which was in the works, entitled Diablo 3: The King in the North however, it was dropped before it was able to be released, and some of its content was released in free updates instead. Despite Blizzard's concern that Diablo 4's Diablo games aren't as successful as the developers other subscription-based models like World of Warcraft, it seems that they've determined to put a lot of money and effort to the next Diablo game, which is definitely an encouraging sign. While more time and energy spent on Diablo 4 potentially pushes back a future sequel in the event that Blizzard truly focuses on getting Diablo 4 into the best form it can get and keeps providing top-quality post-launch games, this appears to be an acceptable trade-off. They're hoping for an extremely substantial collection of story-focused DLC along with the cosmetics and other game-related tweaks that usually come after a title releases. Sometimes content that was originally designed for the base game could be sucked into DLC, making it appear like there's lots more to come after the game's release, but it's likely that's not the case this time around with . Fergusson's comments indicate that there might be some sizable story campaigns for players to look forward to into the future, and not just the base game's sidelined content. A step-by-step guide to trade with other players in Diablo 4, including how trading works and which items/currencies can be traded. All services at
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