The new system made defense on the perimeter was more effective. It was extremely difficult to hit perimeter shots. The gameplay was somewhat more balanced between defense and offense. Layups were eliminated by the new shot contest system. Layups, one of the most effective basketball moves are now impossible to hit because of the proximity requirements. This is an easy issue to solve. 2K Sports could modify the finishing badges to improve the chances of achieving layups. AI Teammates - The AI teammates are currently in a bad spot in MyCareer. The AI does not seem to have any basketball experience. I'm not sure how many times I've tried to give it to Cedi Osman who is a corner shooter hoping to score an easy basket. The bucket doesn't always come easy. It is believed that the AI will keep the ball in its possession for at least 3 minutes. This lets defense get closer. The ball is then released by the AI when it's the subject of a contest 3. It typically hits the rim before rebounding against the wall. This process is going to require more time. This work should concentrate on improving the AI to allow computer-controlled players to play as naturally on court. The AI must not appear as if it is a machine or inefficient. If you want to know more about NBA 2K22,you can visite