It's time to upgrade the Super Bowl video game. While the announcers attempt to set the scene with how significant the juggernaut match is in the lead-up to the game, the actual game never feels like the actual Super Bowl. The lack of high-quality presentations and some of the overall Super Bowl aesthetics like the logo and patches that leave much to be desired makes the game feel like an match, rather than one of the most important games of the player character's life. The Madden games feature a story mode called Face of the Franchise, is one of the most exciting new features. Although the game has brought some fascinating ideas through the years, it's still working to achieve the full potential of this game. The most recent version of the game added the possibility of creating an avatar and play at both the higher levels of high school and college. However, it could be superior to that, for example, allowing players to play full seasons on smaller levels prior to advancing into what is essentially Franchise mode, but with a more compelling narrative. If you want to know more about NFL,you can visit
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