Do you use summer tyres throughout the year?  Or you interchange them with winter tyres when required? Many of you might be boggled at this question. That’s because tyres are often overlooked by most of the people. Many people fail to notice the weather conditions and drive around with just one set of tyres throughout the season. They think all tyres are the same.  

You might be saving a few bucks when you use the same set of tyres for all the seasons, but that would mean compromising with your safety heavily. Winter tyres Birmingham needs to be driven according to the seasons and that’s when you can get the optimum output from them. You might complain that your tyres aren’t giving you the required performance. That happens when you don’t bother to change them once the season changes. 

Tyre companies manufacture tyres according to the seasons for a reason. There are summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Here, we’ll specifically talk about summer and winter tyres. The last category is a general one, which can be driven around the entire year. 

Features of winter tyres

People often believe that winter tyres Birmingham can only be used in snowy conditions. Contrary to this myth, winter tyres can also be used on wet roads or extremely cold conditions. They are designed to work under the conditions when the temperature goes below 7°C. Let us understand how these tyres work.

  • These tyres are made up of a softer and higher quality rubber compound. This way, they don’t crack or become brittle easily in the cold weather. 
  • They provide excellent grip on the snowy surfaces because they are quite malleable in nature. This means, they aren’t stiff, but quite flexible. Just the way, the road and the weather demands. 
  • The additional grooves on these tyres make them pretty popular on wet roads as well. With these tyres on your vehicle, the issue of aquaplaning never arises. So, your vehicle doesn’t skid or slip on the wet, icy or snowy roads. 
  • They handle the roads very well and improve the vehicle’s stopping distance considerably.
  • The tread pattern of these winter tyres Birmingham is very deep and this improves the grip remarkably. When these tyres come into contact with the snow, it gets compacted into the gaps.
  • You can recognize winter tyres with a mountain which has a snowflake symbol on it

Features of summer tyres

Unlike winter tyres, summer tyres are suitable for temperatures above 7°C. Like winter tyres work the best on snowy roads, summer tyres give a superb performance on dry roads. 

  • The rubber of these tyres is made from a harder compound, which is required to perform on rough and dry roads. 
  • They work very well in the rainy season as well.
  • The unique compound of summer tyres contributes to a reduction in rolling resistance. This means you’ll need less power to move your vehicle. Now, less power means lesser fuel consumption.
  • Unlike winter tyres, summer tyres don’t have many grooves on them. But they are equipped with tread bars to minimize the risk of hydroplaning. 

Can summer tyres be used in winters?

Well, we’d suggest you to never do that. Summer tyres are designed to give you safe rides when the weather is warm or hot. In winters, they tend to get hard and brittle. This will easily develop cracks in the tyre. Similarly, don’t use winter tyres Birmingham in warm or hot climates. They are meant to be driven in cold weather.

The simple science behind this says that they are made with different rubber compounds, so they should be used in the seasons they are meant for. If you understand this principle, you’d never face any problem on the roads. If you live in an area that experiences both types of weather, then you must keep both the set of tyres to experience the best.  

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