I know that OSRS GP actions 3 or 2 on the list will remain, and also understand that Clan Wars does not necessarily need to be wilderness focused-the ability to fight each other for purposes of coaching could easily be relocated into, say, Al Kharid's famous duel arena. Have the mages establish a couple of interdimensional rifts employing exactly the identical magic used to make POHs (yes there's a backstory:D ) and which will be nice and dandy.

Perhaps stealing creation could be transferred, given the revenants are now gone to a strange cave. In my view, the mystic's camp should be found at the centre. However, does Fist of Guthix have to go? There is a teleport option provided for members, and hey, you run the risk of getting murdered but not shedding anything-what's wrong with this? I would not mind.

You understand, I'm wondering if Sir Amik Varze is really a knight. I know the White Knights (From Guthix I wish they had a better name, such as the Kinshra have) are a military and political organisation, however also in feudal society (yes I do know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to how countries were run, or dimensions of land for that matter... areas are way too small) that a knight is correct at the base as a king reaches the very best, just beaten by an emperor.

If Amik is judgment in the king's steed, surely he would have a peerage, such as a Grand Duke? Also that would make Burthorpe a principality (I'm imagining that the true principality is huge and the town is merely the capital of it). In terms of the Kinshra, they banished from Falador and on the mountains (I'm pretending there's a massive mountain range separating Asgarnia and Misthalin in the Wilderness... it seems strange to have a single mountain on its own) so I'm guessing that produces Daquarius, the chief of this Kinshra, a marquess. This makes sense because holds the title of lord. So again, why is Sir Amik only a knight in comparison to Daquarius, a god? So, what think you? Would a knight really be permitted to rule a domain name? Oh and sorry for a couple pieces which are unrelated, I copied and pasted it straight off of buy RuneScape gold a post I made about the RSOF.