Path of Exile often introduces new features, and sometimes you shouldn’t use new skills at the beginning of a new league. It is a good way for players to POE Currency Buy to increase their strength in the game. This is some of the reasons why you should not start new skills at the beginning of a new league.

Lack of Experience
This especially refers to players who lack experience with this ability. In many cases, players call this feature "bad" without further research on the feature. Obviously, almost no one has really played the ability to tell other players that it is good or bad, but it is best to start with an ability that you know will work, without having to rebuild the game, so that you can fully participate in the game.

Unknown mechanics
When a new feature appears, you may not know the exact mechanism surrounding that particular feature. When these new mechanisms are introduced, they can sometimes be severely damaged. Some mechanisms of these abilities look good on paper, but may not be good in actual games. To give an example; many players started with Heist League's Cracing Lance, but found it to be too clumsy compared to using Arc only, because its strength stack was quite weak and it took too long to get the maximum stack.

Support Gem Bugs
While playing the game, you may notice that even after seeing the new gems marked with "Projectile" or "AoE", some gems do not work properly after being paired with some new skills. These issues are usually fixed in a day or two, but this may be a whole day, you may have been playing with maximum efficiency and making a lot of money for "Path of Exile" before rebuilding the version.

The Gem is Just Bad
Many times, these new gems are not good. They cannot be built to the point where they cause enough damage to erase everything. Many of the recently released "steel" skills are obviously terrible. The way the skill is developed doesn't matter; it just doesn't cause enough damage to pass through certain parts of the game; especially the most important places are mapped.

It's better to stick to what you know, rather than sneak into abilities that may or may not work. Sometimes, you may need to POE Items Buy to expand the scope of damage, but if you are happy, it is very important.

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