The second... grrr. First two clues were maps, not so bad. Third clue, coordinates in the Demonic Ruins + Zamorak mage assault, where of course I got attacked by a revenant RuneScape gold and barely escaped. Fourth hint, talk to the monk in the Duel Arena, who gave me a mystery box. I actually kind of like puzzle boxes, although they're time-consuming... so anyhow I finish the mystery box, and got yet another coord clue. Coords appear to need me to enter the middle of the arena... what the hell??? Am I reading it wrong?

So I go seem the clue up on TipIt, and sure enough it takes actually challenging someone in order to enter the arena"obstacle" place, and digging in a specific place at the corner of this wall. ARGH!!! This is especially bothersome in my case as I never do PVP, and have not a clue how I would go about doing it. It is SERIOUSLY bothersome to get to just stop at this point. It took me a while to get to actually posting this. This theory, I think, explains a whole lot about the Vampyres.

The distinction between vampires and vampyres is that vampyres are half-human. From what I can remember, it is stated that humans are changed into vampyres. But not vampires. And let's look at what happens if you use a Guthix Balance potion on a Vampyre Juvinate: It becomes a massive, angry form that looks much more like regular vampire compared to a vampyre. Or it turns into a human. Or it dies. What exactly the Balance potion does is ruin one or both of the halves. I believe vampyres can be made from both vampires and humans. It requires a rest in the forests. This hybridization begins the metamorphosis of the vampire into a vampyre juvinile. This gives it heightened wisdom and new abilities, in addition to a more human appearance. As it grows stronger and beverages more human blood, it again morphs into a Juvinate, and then into a Vyrewatch, and some other phases afterwords or in between. Not only is it necessary to continue its metamorphosis, but if it does not drink continue to drink human blood(as opposed to, say, cow blood) it will regress into a vampire, shedding all of its powers and its intellect. This is the genuine reason Vampyres refuse to feed large creatures which would provide a great deal more sustenance. It's not that they believe it to be unethical(that's just BS that they want people to OSRS Money believe), it is because they need to to keep their powers.