The best thing you can do for your dry dog food storage is to keep it in the original bag that you purchased the food in. There are special liners within the dog food bag that are designed to retain important fat content as well as flavor. The oils from the fat that are released outside of the bag run the risk of becoming rancid.

All dog food should have a “best by” or “best before” date printed somewhere on the bag. Keep an eye on these dates to get the freshest food. I would consider that once you open the bag of dog food, the date is no longer valid. Opened bags have a shelf life of 45 days and shorter if you don’t keep it airtight. Purchase an appropriate size bag to avoid dog food from going bad.

Store in a cool dry place. The best place is probably in a kitchen pantry if your have one or a kitchen closet.

Store out of sunlight. The sunlight can increase the temperature and the humidity, which will speed up the rate of spoiled food.

Store dry dog food off of the floor. Storing on the floor will run the risk of your dog being able to get into the dog food and overeating. If your dog gets into the bag of dog food, they could eat too much and run the risk of getting dog bloat.

Keep the bag as airtight as possible. This is where it is beneficially to have a storage container for your dry dog food. I recommend using an airtight storage container that you can place the entire bag of dog food in the container while it is still is in its original bag. It will offer you the benefit of what the bag provides for keeping your dog food safe and also keep the dry dog food fresh from the airtight container.

Dry dog food can be left in your dog’s bowl for about a day before going bad. Wash your dog’s bowls at least once a week in hot soapy water. The oils and fat from the food that remain on the bowl can become rancid.

Never mix the old dog food with new dog food. You could be tainting the new food with bacteria or germs Learn more about how to select the pet food container on the Pet Food Container Supplier here: