Pulled Hamstring – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Hamstring strain is also known as the pulled hamstring. Aches and pains on the back of the legs may be a sign of a hamstring injury.

Pulled hamstring injuries are common in athletes participating in many sports. Field and track athletes are particularly at risk, as hamstring strain has been estimated to make up to 29% of all injuries in the sprinters.

Keep reading this blog to know about the cause, symptoms, and treatment of pulled hamstring. 

What Are The Hamstrings?

Hamstrings are the collection of the three muscles that can locate in the back of the thigh to bone. The hamstring muscle is the large muscle that pulls on these tendons.

It has become more common in layman’s terminology to refer to the long muscles at the back of the thigh as the hamstring or hamstring muscles.

Academic anatomists will refer to them as the posterior thigh muscles and more specifically the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus.

These muscles span of the thigh are crossing both the hip and the knee. They can also originate or begin at just below the buttocks and arise from the bone on which we will sit.

They also connect by the means of their tendon onto the upper parts of the lower leg bones. The origin of the word hamstring comes from the old English Hamm, which means thigh.

String refers to the characteristic appearances and feel of the tendons that will just above the back of the knee. Although, the tendons are sometimes involved in injuries.

The hamstring muscle can help to actively bend the knee. They also act and straighten or the hip as in the motion of moving the thigh backward. Surprisingly, these large muscles are not very with normal standing or walking.

However, hamstring muscles are extremely important for power activities such as climbing, jumping, and running.

Thus, the sedentary individuals can get by the quite week or the deconditioned hamstrings, whereas the athletes and the very physically active individuals absolutely depend on the health and also the good condition hamstrings.

The power advantage of strong hamstrings is known for a long time. In the time past, a sword-wielding knight would disable an opponent by the slice across the back of the thigh.


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