Questions for all you Runescape players:

In general, the rate at which your personality can gather Runescape resources is determined by:

- (1) your ability level: the greater your mining skill level, the faster you can mine ore; the higher your woodcutting skill level, the faster you obtain logs; higher your fishing skill level, the faster you get fish while fishing; and

- (2) the rate where you mine ore and get logs can also be affected by the type of pickaxe / hatchet that you are using.

I find that when I haven't done mining for a while (because I was working on a few of those other skills), the first few rocks I mine are extremely slow. Then after the first couple of stones, I return to collecting ores in the usual rate... Same thing with woodcutting (the very first few logs require a remarkably long time to get, but then the pace at which I get logs goes back to normal), and same thing with fishing.

Question #1) Has anybody else noticed the same thing? Where if you have not trained a skill at just a little time, your personality is really"rusty" in the skill to start, but goes back to normal pace after the first couple of ores/logs/fish?