Cash App Direct deposit

If you do not have an account in the mainstream bank then Cash App direct deposit is perfect for you. You can easily get routing and a bank account number to receive the payments. In the year 2018 Cash App launched this amazing feature to enable the direct cash app direct deposits. The direct deposit feature on the Cash app is fully free users can get paychecks from employers directly in the bank account without any service charges. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the direct deposit on Cash App was very useful to get the stimulus checks and it certainly helped to ease the financial difficulties faced by people.

You need to do Cash App login and activate a Cash App card to receive the direct deposit on Cash App. If you are looking for a guide on how to set-up Cash App direct deposit then read this blog. We will explain the step by step process of enabling Cash App direct deposit and how long does a direct deposit take.


Step by Step Process to Set-up Cash App direct deposit:

Here is a step by step process that will help you to set-up Cash app direct deposits:

1-            From play-store download the Cash App and open the “My Cash” tab

2-            Then you will get the options Enable direct deposit and get account number

3-            Click enable account and then copy the routing number

4-            You have set-up the cash app direct deposit and can now share the account and routing number with your employer to receive the paychecks.


How long does Cash App direct deposit take? 

The Cash App direct deposits are instant although it may around 2 working days to appear in the cash app account. If you do not receive direct deposits within this time period and there is further any delay then you need to Cash App customer service.

The Cash App direct deposit does not take too much time and you get fast money into the account as compared to the traditional banking system. So, you should not worry about how much time does a direct deposit take. It is possible that sometimes there may be some delay in Cash App direct deposit, cash app direct deposit failed, and direct deposit issues. If you are facing any such situation you should contact the Cash App customer service and resolve these issues.