Nowadays, the container houses produced by manufacturers can meet the living needs of most people who work outside, and they are very cost-effective. Whether it is purchase or rent, they are much cheaper than ordinary commercial houses. Therefore, they have also become a cheap alternative to rental housing. Loved by the majority of consumers, it also stands out among many houses by virtue of its many advantages such as quality, price, health, environmental protection and safety.

Next, PTH container house manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the safety of container houses.

Generally speaking, the construction unit will prepare a feasible construction plan before the container house is installed. After the plan is approved, the person in charge will sign it and report it to the supervision unit, and then the chief engineer of the project will review and sign it. In addition, the materials and tools used to make container houses need to be inspected by the security department. It is generally mandatory to require a metal core board with fire resistance, because the combustion performance of the core material is Class A. Because temporary container houses used for living or building generator houses must have good combustion performance.

After the installation of the container house is completed, the construction unit and the quality supervision department will check and accept it according to the national production safety standards. If the acceptance is unqualified, it will need to be rectified. After the rectification is completed, the inspection will be carried out. In the process, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification, and the corresponding labor protection equipment must be worn correctly. The safety and quality of the steel components of the container house must meet the relevant national safety production requirements.

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