Animal Crossing Bells can buy almost all the items in the game, and the rewards of the game are very clear. You may regret that you don't lack an items, but no one will be unhappy because of the rewards of Animal Crossing Bells.

I just hope that The more rewards, the better. As long as you find the right method, you will have a good harvest in Animal Crossing.

1. Catch and sell rare bugs and fish

Inventory allows players to carry a limited number of items. The best way to maximize space is to collect rare bugs and fish. These may not be used in large quantities, but they are guaranteed to be twice as common errors.

When it rains, when there is a higher chance of getting rare insects, you can catch bed bugs and insects. These rare insects can also be found on other players' islands. Therefore, don't shy away from spending money on other islands to catch huge creatures.

2. Plant money trees and look for money rocks

Planting a money tree is a tried-and-tested method to get a lot of bells. When exploring their islands, players can find luminous points, which can be dug out to restore 1000 bells. But this is not. These ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can be planted here to grow money trees. The trees bloomed within a few days and thousands of bells sounded.

Every day there is a rock on the player island that loses money. This rock needs to be hit continuously to maximize output. If this process is successful, the player will win 16,000 bells. The probability of encountering different islands with a series of interesting characteristics is very high. These islands may have all the spawning rocks or complete money trees.

3. Find popular items, handmade, and sell them.

When roaming on the island, you can collect a variety of different materials. This includes making materials. Craft materials can be stored in inventory and sold later.

You can make more money by selling manufactured goods and handicrafts. These people need more money because they need to work hard and collect DIY recipes, which is also a task in itself. If you think these tasks are troublesome, you can Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets through ACBellsBuy to improve efficiency.