I'm with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta you when they can mention other stuff and not this something iffy I could be wrong sure but so odd to me I feel like they alluded to the subject that's very worrying to me indeed seeing as they mentioned a bunch of additional things. They haven't mentioned whether the skins folks have bought will probably carry over. I am kind of surprised they have not announced this yet; fashion is a huge deal for a whole lot of people in PSO2. I am kind of surprised they have not announced this yet; fashion is a massive deal for a whole lot of people in PSO2.

Yea that part concerns me since its a whole different game. It could be a tragedy if all new content is on NGS in which you need to start over and reduce your progress, but still have the capacity to play the old content. For instance idk. It could work if they'd innovative articles on either side which keeps you interested in both sides. They are conscious of the money at stake and are planning global launch so im sure they have a program. Either way afaik nothing like that has ever been tried before so it will be intriguing to see how they choose to go about it.

My main concern is based on that launch date it feels like NGS will come out shortly after the release of episode 6 which means NA players will have to select between playing/learning the new content and mechanics which include event 6 but being behind in NGS when you are done or skipping it and jumping straight into NGS... The simple fact is they will say none of that carries more; NA has been mined for makeup thus 2-month rotation at double the content load per at breakneck. They would not do something dumb like mention that this ancient. That would cause people to not do ANYTHING until NG came outside / react accordingly!

Or really clever if they did announce it would transfer then more people would spend money on the sport for the future expansion to use. Since these scratches are restricted in turning people would devote to get a great dress from the new Buy PSO2 Meseta game. Not specifically saying it will make people not spend money... Bad idea to remain silent. Can't really horde AC/SG for something that is likely over a year from release when afaik both SG/AC die after a year old redemption/purchase so that Sega does not have to pay taxes on them in JP.