Have you tried Animal Crossing Bells visiting somebody else's Nook store? Every participant's Nook shop has a different combination of three flower species. Two are your island's most"native" and"sister" flowers, and the third rotates from month to month.

Breed yellow and red mums (both from seeds) together.

Just take the new yellows that they create and strain them.

If no green, then keep breeding till you get a green or a purple.

When you receive a purple, then clone it and strain the two purple together for a 25% chance in making a green.

I suggest searching blossom breeding for AC on Google, there's a good deal of different combos to make a great deal of different colors of flowers. They have some simple guides made to images, but if you want the down low I would assess the discord. Some are simple, like red+white rose = pink rose, but items like blue green and roses mums are a little (much ) more complex. If you have any other questions, or any about particular kinds of blossoms id be delighted to assist. Flower breeding's among my favorite parts of the game.

The checkerboard pattern isn't an excellent design, particularly if you're breeding for a more complex flower like a green mum. As an example, flowers can clone (produce and exact replica of themselves if they have no breeding spouse ) or strain (create offspring with a partner). If you're breeding a seed crimson and seed yellow to gey a hybrid , you can mix up the clone of the seed yellow with the new, vivid yellow.

Lmaooo I'll be honest I tried performing a hybrid room and dorm room and the beds did NOT look great.

It is sadly not free, it definitely took some time to receive all the things I wanted. Luckily I've got some very generous friends haha but a few of the things (i.e paintings, statues) are not so easy to get. I haven't played with other AC games however if you're only considering decorating then maybe delighted home designer could be better? There are more things in that game too I am pretty sure

Hmm the matter is more the art isn't something you can normally buy, you get it from a specific NPC and what he provides is random. So a great deal of people"farm" him or trade for the art they want online. It's a bit difficult to gauge the price since you have cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items not played haha but I do have 500+ hours at the match lolll