When you come to New Horizons, there are fish and insects everywhere, flowers and fruits, Leif selling seeds, villagers, and tools such as new ladders and pole stands to collect. After everything is familiar, you will make as many ACNH Bells as possible.

Ocean sunfish are similar to the sharks you can catch in the summer and will live in the sea for a long time. Ocean sunfish will spawn in the sea like sharks, which increases your chances of catching sunfish.

They are almost as rare in games as sharks, so this is just a case of catching anything with fins until you add them to your Critterpedia. This page contains all the knowledge you need to catch ocean sunfish in New Horizons, including the month in which the fish decides to visit your island.

The ocean sunfish has an easily recognizable feature that most other fish in the game do not have-the fins are poked out of the water. This is the same as the shark in Animal Crossing and shares the same month. Although it narrows the range of other fish, it does mean that you have to compete with sharks to find it-it can be frustrating if it is one of the last fish you need to get before you disappear.

Try to use bait to make it appear. However, you should save it as a rare fish, such as a fish that spawns on a dock (blue marlin) or an elevated river (gold trout). In the end, just like catching any fish, this is a situation where every shadow that matches its shape-anything with fins-is yours. good luck! If you feel that farming on the island is time-consuming, you might as well try to Buy ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy.com to help you save precious time.