It has been about a week since the release of POE Heist. Since its release, the game team has received a lot of feedback on all aspects of the new content, and they hope to provide players with some insights about expectations. And they are also preparing various server-side fixes and deploying them. Since these do not require a domain restart, they can make a turnaround easily and quickly. Players can enjoy POE Currency and useful items from POE Heist.

The game team originally planned to restart the patch program later this week. Ideally, this patch includes some additional looting bosses and missions and players’ ability to control the use of looting monsters as ghosts. They want to communicate at least some of what is happening so that players can understand what they expect. The number of rare guards behind the robbery door decreased because once the players triggered the alarm, the huge number of guards made it difficult for them to escape.

In addition, they also plan to rebalance seizures and their impact on alert levels. If players open the box in the bonus room, they will lower the alert level, and the box on the main path will slightly raise the alert level. This can both unify the results and reduce the average level of anxiety generated by the chest. This can happen simultaneously with the broader balancing of these boxes, alert levels, and their rewards.

Players need to know what the situation they are in in the game. If they feel dangerous, they need to buy some practical items that can increase the success rate of the robbery as soon as possible. Prior to this, POE Currency Buy is important. Go grab it! Warriors!