Madden 21 is terrible even for a transition match between X1/PS4 into the Series X/PS5. The SB nevertheless has LIV graphics instead of LV. You've got loads of glitches. The comment is recycled a long time. The default control scheme is awful. With Madden 21 coins how games graphics have progressed it is wonderful how shit the sideline and audience still are. I have bought madden every single year because 06' the day it's released. I only play online vs mode. The gameplay has so many defects every year. . This is going to be the first season I don't buy madden. . Type of sad honestly.

I couldn't agree more! It is almost as if they listened to all of our complaints and just made them worse. I told me I was not going to find this following Madden 20, and that I pre ordered it anyway. Here is actually the 1st time in a long time I am extremely upset in a video game purchase. The animations are twice as bad and are a total joke. How the AI RBs shimmy and shiver back-and-forth like they are convulsing while running is almost comical. Occasionally I have better luck once I choose a play and only put down my controller. It's almost as if the protection reacts to a own button pushes on offense and vice versa. Nothing feels controllable. It's like playing soccer underwater on a DSL connection. I'm an idiot because I missed football so much I thought this would fill the emptiness, but it only made the emptiness larger.

I know there needs to be developers for all these games here somewhere so here is my plea. PLEASE for the love of god understand that you still have a fairly loyal fan base who will purchase your games to the same reasons Knick's fans buy tickets and jerseys. We climbed up together with you guys and are able to remember the days when you brought us valid joy to the maximum degree. We place an absurd quantity of money in your pockets EVERY single season and we find ourselves begging, literally, for its simplest improvements. What are you doing with this absurd pile of gold you're handed more than in and year out? We have little to no options so we return to you but you can tell it's like a failing relationship at this point. We're in it for its comfort and not the quality now, and exactly like a shitty partner you guys just leach off of us and do not listen to something we say or function on a thing we ask. I don't have any reason to purchase this game based off recent ones,and also the new reviews for this particular one.

I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you immediately make changes to the match. Yes, its just a game, but it is your job to take care of it like a passion and career because for us it can be over that. It can be a great moment with friends, a break from the actual world, or even just a game. Irrespective of the reason we played we gave you guys money with the anticipation of the bare minimum and you deny at this point and even laugh at our faces acting as if you are putting out the maximum quality content, when that's our task to pick and review. Guess what? Answers in. . We have been cheated. You guys clearly don't give a fuck and at this stage I hope 2k puts a game, because it could be just as great as your sorry matches and that I, and a few million others, would still buy it just as a fuck you to you dick wads. Would you not believe us if we say we miss you guys providing a fuck? Do you not care? It's far more offensive than you men realize and that I wish you gave a fuck about don't.Demo: What I really do appreciate and my little positive take away from this game is the in-game demonstration. I am a major immersion guy and they have taken meaningful steps in this region. Pre game intros are nice and there are a variety of cutscenes in the midst of gameplay. User controlled parties should have not been promoted as a big feature but it's kind of pleasant as a small addition if it was said as such. It is nowhere close to buy Madden nfl 21 coins 2K but it's much better than every other Madden with this particular console Generation.