It's been a month since the mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes went online. To commemorate this event, the development team will share important information about the game with players. A video on Facebook deals with issues that are very important to the community

They will have very serious penalties for players participating in RMT. The buyer is not allowed to obtain resources from the seller. For such illegal activities, if a company is found to be involved, then the company will have more severe penalties. They will be forced to dissolve and ban all relevant participants. Fighting with RMT sites and groups in social networks is technical and legal.

Developers actively cooperate with them on technical issues of EVE Echoes. This game requires the right infrastructure because it is not an easy game. Capsule manufacturers often experience system congestion during the first month, especially Kaaputenen. The team made some improvements to the server resource allocation in order to reduce these incidents, which also made Stargate more efficient. They are also preparing to increase the ability to slow down time and impose more restrictions on the pilots in the game to achieve the purpose of reducing workload.

As for the game itself, the development team focuses on optimizing performance. In large-scale PvP battles, this problem is particularly serious. They plan to further improve the loading and rendering efficiency of ships to reduce delays caused by the presence of a large number of objects. In addition, with the introduction of time dilation, other improvements have also followed. After completing client and server optimization, the team will turn to developing new content and expanding the EVE field.

The EVE Echoes ISK development team is more focused on optimizing the performance of the game for the game itself. This problem is particularly serious in large-scale PvP battles. They want to reduce the delay caused by the existence of a large number of objects, so they must further improve the loading and rendering efficiency of the ship. In addition, other improvements will be carried out in an orderly manner over time. The team will do its best to complete client and server optimization, and will develop new content and expand the EVE field in the future.Do you want a more convenient way to get EVE Echoes ISK? MMOWTS this website will give you the answers you want. Don't feel confused, you just need to buy EVE Echoes ISK on MMOWTS, and you can get everything you want.