The Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits is a control object often encountered in the field of industrial automatic control. The vane pump core can complete many tasks, such as moving objects, assembling, cutting, spraying and dyeing, etc., and its applications are very common.

Applying PLC to control the vane pump core to complete various regular process actions can simplify the control circuit, save costs, and improve labor consumption. A limit switch is installed at the limit position of the vane pump core to stop grasping the vane pump core, turn left, turn right, hydraulic accessories up and down, and send out an input signal that the motion is in place. The vane pump pump core conveyor belt is equipped with a photoelectric switch to detect whether the items on the conveyor belt are in place. The start and stop of the vane pump core are controlled by the start button and the stop button.

The conveyor belt is driven by a motor. The upward, downward, left, right, grasping, loosening and other actions of the vane pump core are driven by hydraulic cylinders and controlled by six solenoid valves. Start the conveyor belt operation, and the photoelectric switch detects whether there are any items on the conveyor belt. If an item is detected, the solenoid valve will be energized, and the vane pump core will be grasped until the limit switch is activated; the vane pump core will rise again to the ascent limit The position switch acts again; the Internal Gear Pumps accessories release the solenoid valve and energize, the vane pump core releases the claw, completes a handling task, and then repeats the above process.