With the continuous development of China's economic skills, the precision mold industry will continue to grow rapidly and drive the development of the Hardware fitting manufacturing industry. China's hardware mold accessories market is unusually lively, because China's hardware mold production costs are relatively low, and with the improvement of mold making skills and quality improvement. The hardware mold parts produced in China will not only reduce China's mold imports, but may gradually open foreign markets, and mold exports will be greatly developed.

However, China’s hardware and mold parts production skills are the same as China’s basic national conditions. China’s mold industry is still an ongoing mold industry. In terms of mold production skills, there is still a large distance from developed countries. China’s mold production skills must be further expanded. In the mold market, China's mold Chao Na should also improve the skill level of China's hardware mold accessories, and to improve its level can be carried out from the following three aspects.

  1. Improve the integration level of skills and tooling planning.
  2. Improve the planning and production level of large, precise, messy, and long-life molds.
  3. Develop high-speed processing skills, improve appearance processing skills, improve standardization level and expand the scope of use of Auto parts factory.