Every single NBA 2K MT Coins time giannis tries to dribble between his defender and me I steal the ball. That is a welcome change to me. Anyone know if there's been some advice about MyLeague/MyGM this past year? We are close to release and they have not said anything new happening with these modes. For defensive build all red pie chart pf/c, which do you guys think is more important: strength or vertical? Vertical is essential for those blocks and rebounds, particularly if you're lower height. However, it seems like Strength has a way bigger impact this season. Imo strength will be important to maintain your box outs and prevent getting straight bodied from the article.

Any Change users completely not able to connect to this server? I've checked everything with my link... wondering whether it's a 2k problem or if it's me. Since this post is 2k21 related, any ideas? (2K paying for"article" bots to conceal negative reviews of this 2k21 trailer in Twitter). Every yeary'all complain about wanting skill gap. Currently Mike Wang got out us performing remote control brain surgery.

I skipped 20 because I thought the demonstration was ass. Its about 90% the same. I really hope they include more from the game but I doubt it. Mike Wang. . .Why do you prefer point forward / tall slashing playmakers to acquire shooting badges ? The point forwards / 6'7 or 6'8 slashing plays are supposed to be finishers in real life and even in 2k logically. I have to spend all my things and beg to receive 9-10 badges maximum for slashing but it's really easy to acquire shooting badges while maxing about to 16. If I am creating a point forward or I do not know. . A"Slashing" playmaker maybe I should use my slashing ability to score predominantly. Please balance out the builds.

In case 2k21 have a poor first quarter on the new gen

I'd say having a 6'9 SF full-sharp pie shoot 15 percent with Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins no greens on marginally early\late mostly wide-open shots with 30 shooting badges (Flexible Release on HoF) is a bit of a problem...I do it, Actual Stretch Bigs were a menace in 2k19 but you already nerfed large shooting mad last year. But bigs could take. I'll take the 72 speed or what are you and poor D and finishing.