What makes POE players excited is that tomorrow they can experience the mysterious fun of Heist. The Harvest League has officially ended, so they need another way to get POE Currency. Some players have previously reported that some skills in the game are too strong, which is not conducive to the balance of game development. Therefore, GGG has recently changed the existing skills in the game, so that each player will equally enter the new league.

The POE game team first added some brand new items to the game to increase the diversity of the construction. As always, after entering the game, players need to create their own character and use some POE Items to improve attributes. POE Heist allows players to go to Rogue Harbour to summon some capable thieves, and then they need to develop a detailed action plan before they can start robbing the treasure.

When the players enter the new league experience tomorrow, they will discover what effect the improved skills can play. The most representative is the revolutionary change of curse skills. Players can use these skills to help the entire robbery to carry out smoothly and quickly escape the scene after being successful, so as not to be caught by the guards to lose money.

The improved skills also include those that can help players restore their health and mana, those that can help players become invisible, those that can help players increase attack damage, and so on. Mac players can also enjoy the same treatment as players on other platforms tomorrow, but they should not forget to Buy POE Items, which is very useful before entering the game.