We're far sufficient into the expansion now that I can really write a new model of my whole WOW Classic Gold information for BfA. Therefore, you should purchase items which can be going to internet you the most profit once you go to sell them on the new server’s public sale house. Most gamers are working on gearing up their foremost characters right now, and it is going to be some time earlier than folks earn the degrees and reputations on secondary characters to serve the markets for high-end trade goods, so there are fewer crafters competing with each other to serve a community that is swollen with returning players. This method includes buying up Auction House items and promoting them at a higher worth.

First way to make gold in patch 8.1 is World Quests. The amount of gold from a Gold World Quest did get buffed a little in 8.1. So those are solidly over 100 each now. Any gear you get from a world quest reward or just dropping along the way can be scrapped or disenchanted for some profit.

All of the rep you get goes towards the new paragon rep caches, which have a couple thousand gold in them and if a gold reward emissary comes up, that’s worth an extra 2k gold for each character that you can do it on.

Next one is Island Expeditions, specifically to collect transmog and pets to sell. Atleast do your weekly which can be filled up with only four heroic islands for a Mysterious Treasure Map. That map spawns a nice mission on your board which could get you valuable rare BoE transmog to sell, a dump of 5k straight gold or other Island loot.

Next one is pet farming and it’s not about cata raids for cheap pets. Vendor pets from the new Gnomeregan pet dungeon such as the Alarm-o-dog can be caged and sold. If you have the time to run Gnomeregan, you could be looking at very good gold from pet collectors who can’t or don’t want to go in themselves.

Gold Mission Table in BFA?

Next is Missions, this is barely worth the mention but the gold amounts did get buffed slightly in 8.1. With the bonuses, it would be good for an extra cash and also there is no other place to spend your War Resources on.

Next way is Pandaria Ore’s, not new to the patch but going strong in 8.1 is Pandaria Ore Farming. You are after Ghost Iron, Kyparite and Trillium ores. These are necessary to craft mounts like the Sky Golem and Panther mounts among other things. In my opinion, it’s better to just farm ores and sell it, so don’t bother to craft mounts.

Auction House Flipping

Next is an classic Auction House flipping. Based on your starting gold and your patience, this could be BoE epics, battle pets, transmog, crafting mats etc. I recommend watching a few TSM guides to get a feel for the TradeSkillMaster addon. Also you can check my other addon recommendation for gold farming by clicking here.

Last is BFA herb farming. This is still worthwhile and will only get more so going into the new raid tier. Somethings like Anchor Weed have definitely fallen off a cliff but they’re still worth picking. Other herbs like Akunda’s Bite have climbed quite a bit recently. Herbing is relaxing and if you do it on an alt, it’ll help level more characters.

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