Many players have not seen the changes in the melee role in the announcement issued by the POE game team. Although the developers said that they did not omit this part, in fact, the melee skill does not play much role in the current game. GGG decided to upgrade it comprehensively and work hard to solve the problem. Players who were good at using melee skills at the time got an amazing amount of POE Currency and POE Items through a lot of crazy battles. They also hope to regain this feeling.

Adding quality to gems in the path of exile always brings a static benefit. This will change in Heist so that all gems will drop and get alternative quality rewards from Heist completion. An example is that the Wrath Aura increases burning damage when activated, instead of increasing the radius of the aura. Each gem in the game will have up to three alternative quality rewards for players to find.

The performance of the POE client has also improved, and the interface operation speed has sped up. It means that players don’t have to worry about whether there are still serious bugs or slow loading speeds in the game. Mac users will join the Heist League with POE players on other platforms in two days, which also expands the number of POE players. Under the premise that everything goes smoothly, Heist will definitely perform better than previous leagues.

Although players cannot play POE 2 this year, fortunately, GGG can launch a new league in time to make up for the emptiness of players’ hearts. Not only will there be new league releases this month but also POE’s tenth anniversary celebrations are waiting for players to take part. They can Buy Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs to prepare for the next content now.