POE Heist is about to bring a new and interesting experience to players. The fundamental mechanism is that players can rob some valuable items in the game in the form of forming a team of thieves and sell them to get POE Currency to maintain the subsequent game activities of the players. The uniqueness and type of items are what players need to know so they can quickly develop after entering the game.

It can conclude from the literal meaning that players must first go to the Thieves Port according to their needs and economic strength to choose a few thieves to form the team of thieves they think is the best and then choose the mission objectives and plan detailed actions. The players themselves cannot act in person. Therefore, the formation of thieves is very particular. It is the best result if you can grab the most treasures without triggering the alarm. Once triggered, they must leave the scene.

During the operation, they must not only find the location of the treasure as soon as possible and carry out the theft, but also pay close attention to whether their behavior meets the criteria for triggering an alarm. The number of items grabbed by players is proportional to the alert level. If the alarm sounds, then hundreds of guards will come to capture the players’ thieves. Once they are caught or killed, all items stolen will disappear. It differs completely from the previous mechanism in which they preserve the spoils even after being killed.

The mapping of the league will also be smoother than Harvest. Players need not to complete the league mechanism in the middle of the map, but get the required contract. GGG also stated that the development of this league takes into account the party play, avoiding the embarrassing moments of group games during Harvest. Players had better Buy POE Currency now and then buy some items that will help the theft. Stay tuned!