Watch out op, you did not receive the stats for plagues end, unlock priff, get a 99, or get a Skilling pet at any greater than 199m XP, your post might be removed!I'm fairly new to using reddit actively and really dont know the"low effort" blot that's apparent on this sub. The phrase has been thrown around on the articles regarding downvote bombing with RuneScape gold this sub, and I just dont get it. . . If somebody would like to spend 3 seconds generating meme that popped up in their head and then post it, who cares? Humor is subjective, some could find it funny, some may not. Is this a reason to be eliminated? Who gives a shit if something is termed"low effort", someone please explain. The sub is a 5-year old kid that needs something and will smack it out of your hand once you give it. It'll ask for it.

The effort thing I do not understand either. Some of the funniest shit I've ever seen took 10 seconds to create in paint. Right? I agree totally, like a meme is not assumed to be this masterpiece that you've spent hours and hours on is it? To me a meme is something you laugh at see and keep scrolling. I really don't see the big thing. If someone cares about just how much"attempt" someone put into producing something that they think at least 1 person will appreciate as much as them need their priorities checked. Come back to me when you're on da Vinci's level". What's the point? My point still stands although I'm not saying that the meme founders are kids.

Meme reddit articles are a lot better than achievement posts af're boring. I mean it doesn't need to be taken down ffs. There'll not be a fun ever with no memes. Memes are in fact the reason I visit the old school sub, Agreed with op they should not be stopped even low tier ones are hilarious. I dont believe anyone rly cares that you hit your first 99 after 20 years of playing these days. . .

The memes would be the better content. Reaching that a 99 shouldnt even be allowed to be submitted, who cares. Reaching a single 99 is not that large of an accomplishment, I dont even think runescape gold 2107 maxing should be allowed either, its just a glorified focus post and doesn't add anything into the reddit. Or any achievement for this issue. This subreddit ought to be on the sport, not to yourself. I think sure things are nice, such as world-first kind of achievements. The very first 4k telos, or even the first maximal xp, etc. .