Path of Exile  finally entered the Mac with the help of Heist. This is a new expansion pack that focuses on discovering, hidden treasures and hard-won POE Exalted Orb.

"Path of Exile: Heist" is one of the most ambitious expansions of Grinding Gear Game so far. It is expected to provide the game with brand new equipment, mechanisms and content, including new looters and a large number of spells and weapons. A new area will also be unlocked, The Rogue Harbour, where players will be able to recruit thieves to help them with robberies. Once players have completed enough heists, they can unlock the most valuable and exclusive loot of the big heist.

Initiating a heist will require some exploration and production, and players can see the requirements and goals of each heist contract so they can plan ahead. Looting marks are also needed. These marks can be used to roam in rogue ports and can be used as currency for rogue ports. If players do not enter the endgame, they will not be attracted by these content, which is good news for Mac players, who finally got the game through this update.

For many players, what makes this new league interesting is its unique focus on stealth. Heists don't seem to need serious planning, coordination and execution to successfully complete the mission, instead of frantically breaking through the room and blowing up the enemy with AOE attacks. If the player does trigger the alarm, all the loot they cannot escape will be lost forever. Retrieving the artifact at the end of the level will also trigger an alarm, reducing the hoard of enemies seen in the trailer, so once the thief is done, the player should be ready to fight. The combination of tense stealth segments and heartbreaking escapes promises to make this new content incredibly exciting.

Players can choose and customize 13 different Rogues to be used in their heist. This is critical because all kinds of looters will require players to change their teams so that they can bring the most optimized thief for each type of looter. Players can only carry one thief among regular looters, so they should make sure that they have the right thief to do the job. At the end of each heist, Rogue will gain experience, and players will find items that can be equipped for Rogue to change and improve skills.

Then, of course there are spoils. Each Heist has a major cultural relic, and exploring the map will also discover a variety of different and unique treasures. Although be careful, trying to steal all the last items will raise the siren to dangerous heights, and all kinds of enemies and traps are waiting. Thieves trinkets, substitute quality gems, uniqueness of copies and basic types of experiments are some of the exclusive loot found in the heist. This is the highest expression of the player's efforts in discovering blueprints, leveling and customizing their Rogue companions and completing routine robberies. The best treasure awaits the most skilled thieves. Buy POE Currency enables players to form powerful weapons and achieve the purpose of robbery as soon as possible.