The lure of RS Gold in Runescape drives every player to constantly compete. When you win GP in an unusual game, it is so important in Runescape that you might get addicted to it. Once Runescape you leave the tutorial island and reach the main island, this operation begins.

Start from Lumbridge and go through the woods of Varrock or Drynor and wizards to the Barbarian Village, where you can earn your first 10K for free! All you have to do is complete the Stronghold of Security dungeon, you will get basic supplies for the character, 10K coins and a pair of beautiful colorful boots, carry food to ensure survival in the high-level NPC in the dungeon.

Earning RS Gold is the player's goal in the game. You can go for some weapons or equipment, but you can't live without OSRS Gold, because it is your guarantee for survival in Old School Runescape. If you are a professional player, even You can also exchange Sell Runescape Gold for cash, which is very attractive.

Collect materials and sell them on major exchanges for quick cash. It may be tiring and busy, but you have to work hard to get something. Some easily available items are cowhide, bones, iron ore, fish such as salmon and trout, and many other similar items. Collect these, deposit in the bank and collect a bunch, and then sell it on GE.

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