Presumably players already know that GGG will release the POE Heist League on the 18th of this month as the third quarter league of this year. Prior to this, the game team has produced a comprehensive patch package. Its role is to solve several technical changes in the game before 3.12 Heist League so that players can experience better. Players also need to seize the last chance to get more POE Currency in the Harvest League and use it after the new league starts.

In short, Grinding Gear Games is changing the way they store data and internal files. For this, players will need to download the game again. Although this takes up players' time for no reason, they must do it for a better future of the game. The official advice says that players should only do a complete re-download and include enough additional benefits at the same time, which they think is definitely worth it for everyone. It should also be noted that those players who are not sure of the reason do not have to uninstall and reinstall. Patch 3.11.2 will automatically perform a re-download.

Other performance and technical changes brought about by this new patch include faster patching, Steam patching improvements, preloading improvements, texture quality improvements, re-exported audio, engine improvements, and more. In addition, a MacOS client for 3.11 Harvest League will provide. After patch 3.11.2 deployed, GGG may publish a link to this client for download and feedback. Finally, after 3.11.2, the Epic Games Store version will list.

This patch makes players more smooth before the new league. Time is getting closer, and every player needs to rearrange their supplies so they can start the game quickly after entering the new league. Those players who are not yet ready need to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs as soon as possible. Let’s go!