What is the difference between a mobile house and a container? What are the advantages of container mobile houses?

First of all, it must be clarified that both prefabricated container houses and container houses are prefabricated container houses and prefabricated houses, and they have many things in common.

1. Lida prefabricated houses and container houses are produced with steel structure as the main material.

2. Both are prefabricated products. After being processed in the factory, they are transported to the construction site for assembly and construction.

3. Both are cheap and cost-effective, and are more suitable for use in construction sites, camp projects and other places.

4. Both have wind resistance, good seismic resistance, and strong ability to adapt to the terrain and environment.

Let us briefly introduce a residential activity room:

Product Details

1. Detailed product parameters:

Size: 5.8*3.25*2.1m (height of cornice)

Usable area: 18.85 square meters

Indoor facilities: empty room

2. Product introduction: modular wall panels and roof structure as the main body, supporting doors and windows, self-contained floor and steel frame base, suitable for a variety of geological structures, convenient and quick installation

3. Product advantages:

(1) Removable (2) Easy to install (3) Convenient and labor-saving (4) Economical and practical (5) Recyclable in multiple locations.

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