Playing the game well is the most straightforward method for earning VC. Dribble, shoot and pass well while playing within your own skillset. The better your contribution to your team, the better you’ll look to others. This increase in likeability allows you to get endorsements and in turn earn VC in no time. MyCareer is a Great Way to Earn VC in NBA 2K21 MT

The first and easiest way to earn VC in NBA 2K20 is to jump into MyCareer. You’ll need to perform well in order to earn VC, though this is simple as long as you stick with your assignment and assist in a few shots. You’ll earn VC just by playing, and this also applies to The Neighbourhood/Playground areas too. We recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with the Offense Controls, and Defense Controls, so that you can effectively score highly for each match you play.

Throughout your MyCareer playthrough, you’ll get the option to receive endorsements. You’ll want to focus your time on getting them, as some will allow you to earn more VC while playing.

Buying VC With Real Money

Another quickest and easiest way to get a VC is to pay for it directly. We don't recommend this method because it will cost real money. It is recommended to consider using this method when you are capable and willing to spend some cash on the game. If you are sure you want to spend some money on VC, you can consider these options:

5,000 VC - $1.99

15,000 VC - $4.99

35,000 VC - $9.99

75,000 VC - $19.99

200,000 VC - $49.99

450,000 VC - $99.99

Get VC With Mobile App

This is another simple way to get VCs, which is to download the NBA 2K20 mobile app. This does not require you to spend a lot of time, you can get a VC reward every day, it is recommended that you log in once a day, you can earn about 500 VC each time, it is worth it for you.

Simulate MyLeague Games To Easily Earn VC

There are people who don't want to play any games to get VC, so using MyLeague mode is the most appropriate. When a season starts, then simulate a game. You can also enter MyLeague mode for the rest of the time. You can get VC by using this method to complete the game. You will spend very little time getting VC.

Ante Up at The Stage in NBA 2K20 to Win VC

This is the method of earning VC that is the highest risk, but also with the potential for the highest rewards. Head to The Stage in NBA 2K20, a competitive park area, and face off against other players. You can Ante Up each time, essentially betting VC on the outcome of the game. The amount you can win varies with the game modes you play, though it’s easy to win a lot of money playing in this way. Of course, you could also lose a lot of VC if you don’t win, so we only recommend this method for players that are confident in their skills.

NBA 2K20 VC: Use the Mobile App to Earn VC

Another easy way to earn some VC in NBA 2K20 is to download the NBA 2K20 Mobile App. You’ll get bonuses for logging in each day, which can really add up considering how little time this takes. You can also play out games, watch ads to get new players, and manage certain aspect of your team. We recommend logging in each day, at times when you might be away from your console, as the roughly 500 VC you’ll earn each time is definitely worth the time.

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