The NBA 2K21 series has undergone a few adjustments and improvements in each period. One of the game modes is MyTeam, which is a team building game based on 2K MT. You must purchase players, contracts, jerseys and anything else you can think of through personal auctions. We have brought the Trail Blazers to the finals of MyLeague. Our MyCareer players have just entered the NBA. Apart from trying out the features of MyTeam, all we have done are other things, and every time we open the game, the menu will be drawn. Click the "Continue Now" button to enter MyTeam.

This year, some annoying cross-border scenes have been tightened, but the biggest change is shooting. Although button shooting still exists, joystick shooting is still working hard to provide tighter control, and after initially having an insurmountable difficulty curve, a quick fix to make it run more smoothly.

In terms of original sports simulation, the NBA 2K series has always been ahead of FIFA. After strengthening the defense last year, it should be easy for NBA 2K21 to make the crown win as the best sports simulation game on the market. It feels like they missed the dunk, but the rebounds have increased. The passing, running and defense work in the past was as clean and neat as last year, but this function not only brings the usual button playing, but also brings the shot shooting, and changes the appearance and working methods of the shooting instrument.

In the narrative, MyCareer is still the best sports narrative experience, and it is packed with Michael K. Williams, Djimon Hounsou and Jesse Williams, etc. Big star. The latter is sometimes too intense, but it feels like a real work, telling a fascinating story without being overly melodramatic, and providing some satisfying story rhythm. It is too scripted in some places, but this is just a small criticism in the sports drama.

NBA 2K21 is not a three and a half star game. This is a five-star game and a two-star game crowded together. Basketball is almost perfect, especially now that shooting difficulties are eliminated, and it is still the top of the sports simulation tree. However, all other design options can make you spend more money on MyTeam. Although this is the accumulation of the NBA 2K series for long-term fans, novices are blocked by too many game modes, which makes players have to Buy NBA 2K21 MT.