1. Install passenger elevator to solve the problem of the elderly going up and downstairs

Most of the residents in the old houses are retired elderly people. Installing elevators can solve the problem of the elderly going up and downstairs. Many communities started the elevator addition work in two phases in 2017 and 2018. Through the principles of voluntary, self-finance, autonomy, self-construction, and self-management, 96% of the households finally agreed to install elevators.

  1. Reinforced concrete hoistway has more advantages than steel structure glass curtain wall hoistway

The external wall of the elevator shaft with reinforced concrete structure is integrated with the original building. The style is basically the same whether it is the tiles on the floor or the painting of the walls. If you don't look carefully, many people will think that the elevator is built together with the house. At present, the installation of elevators in old communities on the market is mainly based on reinforced concrete structures and steel structure glass curtain wall shafts.

  1. Prefabricated construction may become a development trend

Noise and dust pollution found at the construction site of installing elevators in the community will have a certain impact on the normal life of residents. For the implementation of prefabricated construction, the concrete components are prefabricated in the factory, and only assembly installation is required on site. This is not only high-quality and efficient, but also solves the problem of labor shortage, and can greatly shorten the construction period of elevator factory and solve the problem of delays in rainy days.