Now that the new league has not yet arrived, POE Harvest is still enthusiastically sought after by many people. When the Harvest League was first released, the players had two choices. Either they will honestly engage in agricultural activities and slowly accumulate POE Currency, or they will take part in those dangerous challenges, but the rewards are generous. Now players need some effort to get Harvest’s Heart of the Grove.

Before you can get it, players must make the forests they planted thrive. To do this, you need to plant level 4 seeds and also plant level 3 seeds around the crop. When they finally grow fully mature crops of the same color, it is harvest time! Defeat the monsters in the 4th seed, and players finally grow into the heart of the jungle. It looks easy to grow because it does not require irrigation. If the players successfully complete it but do not have the strength to defeat it, then it will once again cost players a lot of energy and resources to respawn. The only good news is when they win lots of POE Currency.

The boss of Grove Hearts is not a plastic surgeon, because it is a shaper-level boss. Compared with the long-running POE boss, its only disadvantage is that the boss of Heart fixed. That means if the players stay away from him, he can’t get close to the players either. The bad news is that it can reposition itself through teleportation. However, Grinding Gear Games finally solved the problem encountered before the boss teleported by placing an icon on the map where the boss of Heart was.

If players not only want to beat Grove’s heart but also want to complete other challenges, please do your best to get this achievement and the POE Items rewards that follow. As mentioned before, if the players can’t beat it once, they have to do it again. So players had better Buy Path of Exile Currency before challenging it to increase the chance of winning.