It released NBA 2K21 yesterday. When 2K announced the NBA 2K21 trailer a few days ago, many witty players had already observed a lot of information from the video. Not only will there be many powerful new players in the game, many additional features with novelty and playability are about to emerge. Players need to use their NBA 2K21 MT to face the current complex game situation.

The new shooting mechanism will bring players an unprecedented shooting experience. It not only allows players to have a deeper understanding of shooting choices but also increases the depth of lineup configuration. The system involves shooting at the correct timing to not only control accuracy but also the correct angle to center the shot. This also applies to all jump shots and layups. The new system must have some minor flaws, such as the visual effect is not as big as the player expected, but we expect 2K to solve this problem soon.

They have also improved the most popular modes in 2K. For example, MyCAREER has added some extra features this year and has a great story. It really shows the leading position of the NBA 2K series in other sports events, and they also selected NCAA college basketball from 10 universities. NBA 2K21 MyCAREER includes some great new celebrities such as Michael K. Williams and Djimon Hounsou as the protagonists of the new story.

Players can appreciate the difference between NCAA teams and NBA teams after playing NCAA teams. For those players who are pursuing victory, what we have to do now is not to experience each new mode but to Buy 2K21 MT and then buy those powerful players to help them continue to win. The fierce basketball game is what they are passionate about.