A self-balancing scooter (self-balancing board) is a personal transporter consisting of two motorized wheels. If you have a journey this kind of personal transport is the best, there are electric scooters out there that can reduce your journey time and get you through the traffic. Though the majority of scooters are intended to ridden while standing on the deck, some scooters can be converted into seated electric scooters with optional accessories.

Electric scooters for adults

Though most companies are making electric scooters for adults, some companies notably, Razor are targeting the kids and young teen market. Adult electric scooters are the most common type of scooter available on the market. They differ from electric scooters intended for children because they have larger weight capacity, typically around 220 lbs (100 kg), more powerful motors, larger battery and a  larger deck.


Some popular brands of electric scooters for adults are: Ninebot Max, FFR Horizon and M365 Pro.

Electric scooters for kids or teen

Electric scooters intended for kids or teens are typically smaller, lighter, and less expensive than adult. They are often made of less durable materials such as plastic, have weak motors, and may even contain low energy density lead-acid batteries. It is worth noting that children’s electric scooters aren’t typically much more than toys and should be used as such.  They shouldn’t be used for riding on public roads or ridden by adults.

Some popular brands of electric scooters for kids are: Razor, Jepson, got ax, Razor Pocket Mod Miniature.    


Seated electric scooters are mostly for adults and made to make longer rides more comfortable. Most electric scooters do not come with a seat, but many have optional seat attachments that are sold as separate accessories. If you have a need for a scooter with a seat, then you might consider an electric bicycle instead. Electric bicycles are typically easier to ride, faster, and more comfortable for longer distances.

Electric Scooter Parts

Electric scooters have a handful of different parts, but the major ones are: batteries, brakes, controller, deck, handlebars, lights, motor, stem, and tires.

Safety Features

Again, safety is of the utmost concern with any form of transportation.

 A quality braking system, such as the disc brake, is essential for staying safe and in control while riding an electric scooter. One of the most reassuring features is that the Ningbo ES4 is certified. This means that the product has gone through tests which include testing the advanced battery. To practice further safety defense, keep the battery in a cool, dry place and avoid overcharging it. 

Buying an Electric Scooter

Purchasing an electric scooter can be a very big challenge. A quality electric scooter is easily $500 and can cost upwards of $2,000.