Saradomin godsword is a very rare weapon. Players can fall off Saradomin's hilt by breaking into the Saradomin camp in the God Wars Dungeon and need to swing 75 attacks to defeat Commander Zilyana.

Players can decorate Saradomin godsword in appearance, although this will only change its appearance and will not enhance statistics. The exterior decoration makes Saradomin godsword untradeable, but it can be removed and returned to the godsword and decoration kit. At this time, OSRS GP is your indispensable currency in the game, it can help you quickly obtain the equipment of the Excalibur.

Saradomin godsword has a special attack called Healing Blade, which consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy. When used, the player's maximum hit is increased by 10%, the accuracy is doubled, and the restored health and prayer are respectively equal to 50% and 25% of the damage caused (rounded up at equal intervals). This effect only occurs on a successful hit. Any hit with less than 22 damage will always restore 10 health points and 5 prayer points for the player.

Even if you use special attacks on targets with low health or immunity to conventional weapons, you can restore health and pray. For example, you can only use leaf-shaped weapons, thick bolts, or Magic Dart spells to harm Kursk.

If Saradomin godsword hits 40 points on Kursk (causes 0 damage), it can still heal the player 20 health points and restore 10 prayer points. This also applies to any critical strike caused by a special attack; if the target has 2 health remaining and takes special damage and causes 60 damage, the player will still get 30 health restoration and 15 restoration prayer.

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