A couple of ideas of nba 2k21 mt coins my own. Good job btw. No oop position or cards moving. Along the lines offline just cards please give us a playground style mode where we can play with others using a 5v5 or 3v3 team up with myteam cards. Should they need financial compensation for this make coop simply cards so individuals need to invest in this individually. Have them be additional packs if they're concerned about losing park players. This is a better way for them to money in anyway then making individuals grind for 40 hours or whatever simply to use a construct they might not like in the park and stand around trying to find a more NBA 2K21 game. It's a model. Eliminate cpu calling timeouts for offline it is tedious. Training settings that are adaptive, Conserve playbook settings settings that are defensive, help defense.

Maintain meter and shaking settings permanently. No dribble glitching. Small players should have caps for dribble evaluations and heartbeat rate. This would make more players increase and usable sales. Folks would use little men if giannis capped at gold fast draw and range using 80 dribbling but AI had hof everything and was faster and more shifty. No point at sky when rebounding. So that he does not do it behind the backboard Repair Kareem skyhook. Things and more modes to do. Cosmetic achievements for our courts etc to show. The one thing you could get all year was a fireball. That's everything I could think of for today.

The only thing I'd add (unless you said it and I overlooked it) is that 3pt percentage for a NBA 2K21 match needs to be more realistic. Meaning, if your crime consists of shooting more threes than twos, you should not have the ability to make 50-70percent of them. It is crazy you could shoot 30-50 3pters/game superior than the peak Warriors that are greatest shooting group in background at 38%. Additionally, a shield grabbing a rebound and running to get a fadeway off shouldn't be a offensive strategy. Yes, it should work here and there, but always grabbing collapses over GOAT KAJ and Yao if their cartoons coming down from their leap keep them from even contesting the shooter is ridiculous. Individuals should not be able to break Kobe Bryant's three point listing for a NBA 2K21 match.

I concur. It's not the overall shooting percentage it's the 99 3 pointer on every freaking card. Everybody in the NBA is fearful of Stephen Curry and James Harden at the 3 point line. No one has been EVER scared of Dino Radja and Eddy Curry in the arc. Within the arc they had been barely terrified of him in Eddy Curry's case. However, when these facilities have 3 pointers in the high 90's that is the root of this issue why teams are shooting over 50.

Great list. You sort of get to this in your tutorial part, but they really need to redo"Freestyle." I know it's not a big thing, but we should be able to get all our players (not just our active lineup), have a complete team on the court to practice plays, spacing, passing, etc, have over 2 men under the backboard with two balls throwing you inbound passes (they have a system in MyCareer, why not here? Also just have unlimited balls, it's dumb we have to await them), and maybe, just maybe be able to throw a custom shell defense out there so that you can practice playing or playing with a zone or some of those other 1,000,000 things we ought to be able to cheap mt nba 2k21 perform in a practice mode.