They must invest in hardware and dev kits together with licensing whatever engines they may utilize. To me as along as NBA 2K21 MT its worth the price when it comes to visuals AI and if NBA 2K21 is completed daily 1. Now if we're paying 70 and every game releases because a mess like BF V with delayed features then yeah I would change my stance. But NBA 2K21 is customer and it is paste and a copy of the previous NBA game.

I completely see your debate there. Sports games do get repetitive and can lack quality development. Didn't 2K20 have some microtransactions that is bad? I seem to recall people getting really mad about that. That is another thing. If a major part of NBA 2K21 is behind a paywall but we are still paying $10 more, then hell naw. NBA 2K20 I believe left you watch ads even only to do a few things in NBA 2K21. And the major part of NBA 2K21 is behind loot boxes and paywall.

The same as any other sports game. Reading they ask that you get a version for $99. Since other companies are going to perform shipping. Yes its a big deal when you think of the number of games are priced at 60 and released unfinished and then request another 20 for dlc that should have been in NBA 2K21 to begin with or a different 40 for a year pass.

Not everyone can buy NBA 2K21 with this kind of a price tag, there are many who can't even purchase NBA 2K21 on its own release(60$ AAA) and wait for a year or two to purchase them on sale.If NBA 2K21 is great they make lot of money with the 60$ cost +microtransactions,then why are they performing this.According to your logic a fantastic game can even be costly 100$,but most of NBA 2K21rs will not have an opportunity to experience that quality.

Kind of important differentiation to point out (not that I'm actually defending 2K). If you purchase the bottom Xbox One variant, you will have the ability to play with it without the improvements due to backward compatibility on the Series X. Smart Delivery is absolutely something that every business needs to be taking advantage of, but if you do not care about the improvements you can buy the 60 dollar variant and be done with that.

No boycott because the cost that is higher is inevitable. One developer even stated that this is the reason you see season Passes and so DLCs and skins. Developers have to find ways to keep up because the cost of earning games are so expensive. But that is why you have microtransactions. But please see the link if you believe there is nothing wrong with what is buy 2K21 MT going on.