What is translation?

Translation is the process of translating any document from one language into another language with the help of a certified translator. Translation is mainly done for understanding information from other languages. It is also important because people prefer mostly their native languages to fetch information. There are different types of translation services available and each one is unique. Depending on the need of the customer, the translation is done.

Same day translation:

Same day translation is also called as 24-hour translation or affordable translation services. Mostly this kind of same day document translation are preferred by the people when they are in urgency to submit their legal documents. Having a skilled and certified translator who excels in both the native and target language can provide the translation in a day with quality and accuracy in the service they deliver. This rush and super rush services are provided by the same day translation services with their experts in the particular field.


Mostly people in this situation approach automatic translation tool to complete their translation work at free of cost in a day. But the result of that translation will lead to rejection of your documents that are translated. The reason for rejection is, all the legal documents that we submit must have the signed statement with a seal on the translated one. But the people without knowledge in emergency period prefer automatic translation and double their work.

Need for Same day certified translation:

Same day translation services consist of only certified translators. These companies always adhere to some norms. These following statements are included as a translator’s qualification:

Affirming the accuracy and completeness of document

Translator’s name



There are some reasons to choose the certified translations that includes government entities (for example., obtaining driving license, applying for visa, claiming public benefits),

For legal proceedings like both civil and criminal.


For educational institutions which require certified translations from the foreign candidates in order to submit their application documents.

Some interesting facts about translator and their translation:

1.       Only a professional translator with a more experience can translate anything at any time in a given period. It is estimated that a professional translator can translate about 2,000 words per day and 250 words within an hour.

2.       As the translator starts working on the translation, there shows an indication of translation process time by the countdown timer. As of calculating, it is estimated that even one-hour translations support almost 95 languages and over 2500 language pairs.

3.       According to the study, it is known that there are over 330,000 professional translators worldwide.

4.       Professional translators, who translate as full time can translate almost 520,000 words per year.

5.       According to the recent survey, it is known that easiest language to translate is Spanish. The widely used translation languages are German, French, Spanish, English, Russian, Italian. These are considered to be the most used targeted languages.