What is Documentation Translation Services?

Document translation is the adaptation of a document from one language into another by an expert translator. The document being translated are often tangible like certificates, letters, and manuals or intangible like voice recordings or websites. However, one fact remains true during each document translation – every document translation should be accurate. Accurate translations are best provided by human translators.

Documentation translation companies provide the most effective translation. Various qualities of online translation make it the supreme choice for document translations, here we include a few:

Native experts ensuring unmatched accuracy – while it's true with the invention of machine day-to-day translation has been made easier. However, documents require a person's touch to deliver accurate results.

Convenience – the inconvenience of “traditional translation methods” has been assuaged by online translation services. You upload the documents and see the magic happen.

Confidentiality – Online translation services have numerous measures in situ to ensure your discretion. End-to-end encryption, NDA, and also the ability to get rid of a file from servers ensures the confidentiality of documents remain secure.

Turn-around-time – Translation services operate in the TAT of hours to days. Quick translation services make sure that translations meet the provided deadlines.

Langauge support - Online translation service supports global languages. Translation from Chinese to English, or Hindi, or maybe Basque is rarely a drag with translation services.

Rates – Online documentation translation services find the right balance between accuracy and rates. One might wonder why pay money for something that you get for gratis, however, the accuracy of free services is questionable. Online translation services provide the best bang for your buck.

Here are some frequently encountered documents during the method of translation:

Business Document Translation
Company profile
Business Agreements
Annual reports
Bank statements
Bills and forms
Business plans
Technical Document Translation
User Manual and Technical Specifications
Operating manuals
Product Manual and Handbooks
Brochures and catalogs
Data Manuals
Research reports
Legal Document Translation
Intellectual property Agreement
Court Judgement
Quality adherence
Incorporation document
Legal contracts
Patent and trademark filings
Medical Document Translation
Instruction for Use (IFU)
Patient report
Scientific Articles
Medical history
Pharmacological Studies
Journals and magazines

How to Choose Document Translation Agency

Seek for the following quality in transcription services:

Accuracy and quality – Online translation services often advertise accuracy to be in the upper 90s. Ensure it with work samples.
Professional translators – make sure that online translation services provide expert translators for document translation.
Convenience – online document translation services provide the epitome of convenience. Remote translation helps in saving money.
Confidentiality of your documents – end-to-end encryption, NDA, and view-per-work policy make sure the documents remain secure
Cost for translation – prepare an inventory and choose services that provide the proper balance between costs and services
Customer reviews and work samples – these are the ultimate litmus test for the accuracy of the translation provided by online services.
Support for global languages
Support for niche translation – online services should support medical, legal, and financial translations
Turnaround time