When GGG released its third division, Harvest, on June 19 of that year, it immediately attracted many players who wanted farming to join the game. Players can enjoy any part of the game at any time by downloading POE for free. It is now in the top ten countries on the Steam RPG list. Perhaps the biggest feature of this league is that players can earn POE Currency by farming, without having to engage in repetitive battles.

However, some players who expect POE 2 to release this year may disappoint. Since the POE game team stated at the press conference last year that POE 2 would release this year, no one expected that such a serious epidemic would break out this year and many works had to postpone. Complex games such as POE may not be easy to master. But as long as the players delve into it to a certain level, they can reap endless happiness.

Harvest is a farm where players can slaughter the enemies generated from the seeds they plant. The enemy will drop loot and higher-level seeds to plant again. Once you plant higher-level seeds, just wait for the seeds to mature and then kill them again to get better loot or even higher-level seed drops. The Harvest League not only provides a powerful production system, but the Delirium League permanently changes some core mechanisms of POE.

Both Delirium and Harvest Alliance proved to players that Grinding Gear Games is on the right path in POE 2 and a better future. Since Delirium, the number of players has exploded. Players are very excited about POE’s future new league and POE 2. The Harvest League is very suitable for players who dislike fighting enthusiastically. People who are new to POE players should also Buy POE Orbs to prepare for the rich game activities next month.